Borderless Meeting  

                  Review by Tor Hammerø in Nettavisen   

The trumpeter, and much more, Arne Hiorth takes us to great places and great meetings. " !Xhole Kae - This Land" is a beautiful country to visit - many times.

In 2019, Hiorth visited and met a singing and dancing group called! Xanu! Xe who come from the San people. Hiorth made a lot of recordings with the group and also invited one of the singers, Marlene Makina, to the studio.

The following year, Hiorth was to travel down again to make further recordings, but a certain pandemic put an end to it.

Fortunately, Hiorth and his visions could not be stopped for that reason. Equipped with all the recordings from the trip that was completed, he went into the studio and created exceptionally beautiful music in and around the vocals, the rhythms and the clapping of the 15 ladies.

With assistance from the guitarist landscape painter in the ultra class Eivind Aarset, electric bassist Shaun Johannes from Cape Town, synth magician Kjetil Bjerkestrand, percussionist Ottar Nesje and Oddrun Eikli and Sepanya  Mahlangu on background vocals and of course Hiorth's beautiful trumpet tone, melodic moods are created. of cultures and borders that at least give me the belief that much is possible even in these times of foolishness right on our doorstep.

Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe" is the title of an Albert Ayler album from 1969. It was a fact back then and it still is. Arne Hiorth, Marlene Makina and all their soulmates are a brilliant proof of that.